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Pink Death Star AAA

Indica: 100% Taste: Berry, Diesel, Herbal, Spicy General Uses: Stress, Depression Effects: Euphoric, happy, relaxing, sleepy, uplifting


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Pink Death Star is a rare, 100% pure indica cannabis strain developed by Riot Seeds, the Netherlands-based breeders. She has an extremely diverse genetic background and was created from a cross between the classic Blood Rose and the potent Death Star. This bud is aptly named for the appearance of its dense, heavy little bud, which has olive-green hues and clearly visible pink undertones. Its long, milky amber pistils and clear crystalline trichomes are spread across the surface of its leaves, making it appear pink in the right lighting. You can buy Pink Death Star online at Pacific Grass - one of Canada's leading online medical marijuana dispensaries. Breaking apart each frosty little nug releases aromas of fresh diesel and earthy spices. It also smells of spicy cinnamon and berries when burned, and gives off a kick of earthy diesel when exhaled. Pink Death Star's effects come into play shortly after your last puff. It slowly creeps up on you and then takes over your mind and body with a heavy punch. It doesn't take long for a strong Stone to overwhelm you and put you in an extremely sleepy state that eventually leaves you tied to the couch. Its body-melting sedation makes Pink Death Star a strain best used in the evening. You can buy Pink Death Star online at Pacific Grass and use it to treat common ailments like pain, stress, depression, insomnia, and loss of appetite.

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