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Take a look at our Hybrid Weed assortment and choose the variety you want.
You can find our products on the website for marijuana, you can also choose from a large assortment Weed and Magic Mushrooms. When you are satisfied with the contents of your shopping cart, continue by tapping 2.

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your weed purchase, please go to the

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Here you can check the weed order if necessary or use a discount code. After everything is verified, you can proceed to the next step.

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enter your information


(Enter the required information to proceed with the payment process. Would you like your discreet weed package to be delivered to a packing station? Then enter their address in the delivery address.

STEP 4 | Make payment

If they want to buy weed online, then you must be in possession of Bitcoins. Scan the QR code on our website with your wallet app to pay instantly. Do you prefer to pay manually? Then copy the bitcoin address and amount and use them to send the payment from your wallet. Once the blockchain network receives 2 confirmations (usually 10 minutes), the status of your weed order will be changed to "payment received".

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