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Check out the strategy I used to buy my Silver Haze Weed and turn it into a healthy and vibrant seedling.

First things first - I removed the equipment from my ordered grow box and cleaned it thoroughly to minimize the threat of pests and disease. Then I reinstalled my ventilation and filter, attached my fan, and positioned my humidifier. Next, I began mixing my order growing medium for the weed by adding 5l of Biobizz Light Weed Fertilizer Mix to my 11l Air-ot before adding the following

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I decided to simplify the process and germinate my seeds directly in the 11-liter Air-Pot to avoid later stress when transplanting. I made a hole about 5cm deep in the center of the grow medium, put my Silver Haze Weed seed in it, covered it lightly with soil and sprayed the area with a spray bottle.

The right lighting for orderable weed

I hung my purchased weed lamps from the top of the grow box with rope ratchets. I positioned both lamps 30 inches horizontally away from the center of the tent to ensure even distribution, and 35 inches vertically away from the edge of my pot. I left my weed lights on for 24 hours each day once the seedling emerged. I measured an average temperature of 26 °C and a relative humidity of 40%. By the end of the first week, my seedling for sale weed was about 4cm tall. Since the seed coat stuck to the top of the plant, the cotyledons could not fully unfold during this time, which unfortunately led to wedging.

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