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Buying weed not only on the darknet

Anyone who orders weed online and smokes a joint can still risk their driver's license days later when driving. Currently, drug driving is assumed from the smallest possible, reliably detectable concentration of one nanogram of cannabinoid per milliliter of blood. Regardless of whether there were so-called failure symptoms while driving or not. In this context, THC can still be detected days after the consumption of marijuana ordered online - even when the intoxication has long since passed.

Online store for high-proof cannabis

Experts argue about how weed bought online should be treated in traffic - currently at the 60th German Traffic Court Conference in Goslar. Accident researcher Siegfried Brockmann will be there in Goslar: "At the moment, we don't have a limit, but the law stipulates something about alcohol - that's the 0.5 per mille limit. And then all the other drugs, like the good cannabis that you can order here, are more or less in the same pot, which means that as soon as you can prove it, there's a problem. And you can't do that if you legalize it. That would de facto mean that someone who - let's say - did what's allowed twelve hours ago and then gets in the car would still be punished for ordering we ed."

Acquiring weed online is now even easier

In an article published by Redaktionsnetzwerk Deutschland, the German Lawyers' Association suggests equating cannabis from the Internet with alcohol in terms of criminal law and thus raising the threshold value, comparable to the promille value. Brockmann also proposes a limit value: 3 nanograms of THC per milliliter of blood. Like in the Netherlands. For him, there would be no traffic risk at that limit. "That means you smoked a joint six hours ago, and then we're already below that. So that we actually don't see a traffic safety risk here."

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