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The effects of hallucinogenic mushrooms and truffles you can buy here are not bad. With a typical dosage of 20 to 30g of fresh mushrooms, you will experience visual and auditory visions in waves. Subtle effects are more intense colors, music sounds even more beautiful. Some stronger hallucinations transition seamlessly into reality. A lamp can come to life; they merge with the sofa you are sitting on, spiritual experiences cannot be ruled out. The peak of the effects sets in after one and a half to two hours after ingestion. Such a trip lasts about six hours, but the effects and duration depend on the variety of Magic Truffle.

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Magic truffle Dragon's Dynamite 15 grams

Another name for magic truffles is Psilocybin Sclerotia. They belong to the Psilocybe Pajateros variety. They contain the active ingredient psilocybin. One package contains 15g of fresh and vacuum-packed Dragon's Dynamite. You can use them by chewing, making tea or throwing yogurt. You can feel effect already after 30 to 45 minutes. The product should be...

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